【五一??恐戮醋蠲绹鶆趧诱?The Most Charming Worker of Guoji

International Labor Day is set on May 1st   of the year. It is a national festival of more than 80 countries in the world anda festival for the workers all over the world.


On this day of commemorating and praising the working people, Guoji Industry launches a special column for the Labor Day. In this special column,some outstanding local employees of the overseas projects of Henan Guoji willbe introduced. They are the witnesses for Henan Guoji’ s development, the goodemployees of Guoji as well as the bridge and link for friendship between Chinaand Africa. After years of hard work, they have made personal improvement,realizing growth together with the company. So many years have passed, here inGuoji, some of them have fulfilled great events in their lifetime, some haveachieved magnificent personal changes, and some have found new direction fortheir lives. Guoji sees the effort you have done. Guoji knows the contributionyou have made. Guoji will work together with you for a brighter future.  


Let's get to know these charming persons with the project development and   Guoji’ s Investment in Africa.


Sierra Leone Guoji Investment & Development Co., Ltd.:


Name姓名:Fefegula Moore Foday



Employment Date入職時間:02.04.2005

Position崗位:Marketing Manager


Hobbies愛好:Reading and Games


Fefegula Moore Foday1.jpg

Personal Experience and Feelings


I’m the first local staff who did the market research for all theproducts with the first General Manager Mr. Sun. Due to my hard work I wasgiven a three month probation period. In 2005, I was given a letter ofemployment and I did all my best to get most of the local constructioncompanies like MINO, ICC, MODCOM, GLOBAL SERVICES which led to a high increasein sales. With such success and achievement I was promoted to the position of amarketing manager. Among many others. I was in charge of all the sale and themanagement of the staff at the marketing department. During this time, I won alots of awards from the management as one of the most outstanding staff.Collectively we were able to maintain the company as one of the best company,which convinced the management to choose four staff to China for study andmarket research which I was among. My management ability has played animportant role and contributed to the company’s development to where it istoday with all the global crises.

       當初我是第一個和首任項目總孫先生對塞拉利昂當地產品進行市場調查的員工。由于我工作中的努力,三個月的試用期結束后就轉正了。2005年,我收到了一份聘書,我盡自己最大的努力,和當地大多數的建筑公司實現了合作,比如Mino、Icc、Modcom、Global Services公司等,這些合作都給公司帶來了銷售額的大幅增長?;谶@些成績,我被提升為銷售經理。除了其他工作,我主要負責銷售部所有銷售員的管理。這期間,我作為最優秀的員工之一,得到了來自管理層的很多獎勵??偟膩碚f,通過我們的努力,公司一直是當地最好的公司之一。這一成績曾說服管理層挑選了四名當地員工到中國進行學習和考察,我就是其中之一。在全球危機中,公司能夠走到今天,我的管理能力也起到了很大的作用。

On several occasions, most of the companies above decided to do businesswith other companies due to some reasons, as result of my timely intervention,we were able to take the clients back to the company which led to a massivesales within that particular period.


From those years working in the company, I got married and learned a lotabout myself, even my life. I became much stronger to a point of owning afootball club and thanks to the company, I got further education which made memore qualified to challenge the difficulties appearing in my work and life.

In future, I will work hard to manage my own team to contribute what Ican do to the company.



FFH-Henan Guoji Development Co.,Ltd.



Vasco Mimozo Joaquim Mandlhate



Employment Date入職時間:26.09.2011


Administrative and Public Relations Responsible 行政和公共關系負責人


Music and Football音樂和足球


Personal Experience and Feelings:


The first example of success is that before I started working for thecompany I didn’t have my own house but thanks to this job I have bult my ownhouse now.

The second is that with my salary I have bought my car and I can pay myhouse bills and provide well being to my family.

Due to the fact that I work in Administration and public relationdepartment which mostly consists of dealing with documents in general. Tofacilitate ny work,now I’m studying law, which in future can help me do my job better thanbefore,evenhelp me to become a lawyer.

As for my personal improvement is that my skills of writing and speakingin English are better now, since in the office English is our main languagewhen communicating with our Chinese colleagues.  




What I feel about working in Guoji is that my job is allows me know getto know other people, environments that can benefit me in my future. I alsofeel that the company is my home and feel comfortable working here because ithas been 10 years long.

Working in the biggest housing project in the country   has been a great privilege not because offinancial benefits but also it boosts my career as a professional in my workingarea.

I love the fact that I working in a company where I can interact withpeople of different backgrounds and from that I can learn more about thosepeople”s habits and cultures.




ZDA-Henan Guoji Development Co., Ltd.



Julian de beer朱利安 · 德 · 比爾


Employment Date入職時間:1.10.20


General Manager總經理


Outdoors, Adventures戶外活動和探險


Personal Experience and Feelings:


I’m Julian de beer and have been a business and Operations Manager for 10years, I specialize in analysing, restructuring and implanting strategies,Sales, logistics and employee training.

I’veworkedinmultipleMulti-Cultural Companies of the years, I havealso learned a lot from these companies, I enjoy the outdoors, fishing campingand Game drives.

I was Educated international, I have lived and worked in many differentcompanies.




My Success is intertwined with the Core Values of the Company.

Company's Success: - Improving and driving Goals set on a project.Personal Success: - Achieving the set Goals of the company and My ownManagement goals for succeeding, our Success is intertwined with the Companies Success.

Instilling Project expectations well implementing a work and performancestructure to guide all workers on what need to be achieved, why its need to beachieved and how we can achieve it.

Progress on Sales as this is one of the core areas of the Project, bytraining the staff on sales technics, identifying customer market and theproducts wanted, the benefits of the product matched to the client’s needs. Artof Sales.

My Core Style of management is never changing, my skills change accordingto circumstance, no 2 employees are the same just as no 2 companies are thesame. As the business Manager, I start from the foundation work of the company, set my end goal and work hard to these Goals.







Personal Improvement: Understanding the importance of a 5,10,20-yearplan, the future is never too far, so be pro-active with life as you are withwork, find the balance to manage myself as I do others, we tend to overlookself-awareness when managing others, I must demand more of myself in allaspects.

Working:The environment isdemanding, requires hard work and focus which I enjoy, as I have always thrivedunder pressure and deadlines, I love the challenges, my work is exciting, thesupport from the company and MD is phenomenal, Guoji being a Multi-Cultural hassurprised me and I’m excited to be part on the Company.



MHC-Henan Guoji Development Co., Ltd.


Name姓名: Chikondi Thora Kapote

史孔迪 托拉 卡普特



Employment Date入職時間:17.08.2020

Position崗位Sales Representative銷售員


Drawing Illustrating Writing畫畫和寫作


Personal Experience and Feelings:


During my eight and a half months at Guoji, I’vebeen able to sell ten properties and have several other sales that are pading.

I have been able to adequately reach to multitudeof potential clients in Malawi and across the world with my traditional andonline marketing initiatives. Effectively spreading the message for the Guojibrand widely.



During my time at Guoji, I’ ve been able to increasemy networks substantially and my skills as a marketer have markedly improved. Iunderstand the real estate business much better and only upward mobility/growth can come as a result.


Guoji Group Co.,(U) Ltd.






Employment Date






Listening to music & Reading



Personal Experience and Feelings:


Successful organizing of MOU signing with Housing Finance bank, CentenaryBank and Buganda Land Board (2021 January & February respectively) and alsothe signing of MOU between Guoji and Buganda Land Board for the Sentema project(2018 December).

Case in point was the MOU singing in December 2018, I was tasked withcoordinating and organizing this event. Yes, it was a challenge for sure, itwas my first time of being at the forefront of organizing such an event, bythen Mr. Don was the administration manager and I was his assistant. He left mewith orders but I had to figure out how to execute the assignment. Long storyshort I approached my M.D (Madam Windy) for some one or two tips which I builtupon to efficiently plan and execute the assignment. Upon building on what theM.D had shared with me I got to work coordinated with different suppliers forthe materials that I need i.e table flags, the national flag of the republic ofChina etc. internally directly coordinated with the finance manager and the M.Dit was necessary and at the end of the day the function was successful.

I remember on this assignment the M.D sat me down and told me that “Mr.Kenneth, I know this is your first function to organize but I hope you can tryyour best and make this event a great success.” I guess you can feel thepressure that I was under but with the good guidance mission was successfullyexecuted and deep inside it pleased and it was the beginning of a knew dawn.




Successful recruitment and training of new interns whose performances havebeen exceptional over the period they have worked with the company. November2019, I led a team of four members, the assignment was to create s link betweenGuoji Group Company (U) Limited and Makerere University Business school,Faculty of Commerce, Department of Finance targeting students pursuingbachelors of Real Estate Business Management. I being the representative of thecompany the main object was to give a recruitment lecture to finalist studentsas we shared what the real estate sector was all about in reality and whatpackages as a company we had to offer. In discussion with the head of aDepartment, we showcased our good intentions as a company for creatingemployment opportunities for these fresh young graduates. This mutualunderstanding has so far so good yielded good results and as we speak some ofthe best performing consultants in the marketing departments are as a result ofthis initiative.

Successful annual renewal of our Chinese staff works permit visas that Ihave been personally handling from 2019 to date.



Having joined Guoji there has been a number of personal improvements thatI have achieved;

Coordination of work with different departments: Overtime I have improvedon my work coordination skills not limited to the various departments withinthe company but also the various service providers that I laisse with whenproducing some company requirements

Problem analysis: I have improved my problem analysis skills withencounters that I have faced bit with fellow employees or clients. The power toidentify the source of the problem and being able to find a solution to it inan amicable way is something a pride in.

Improved effectiveness: The ability to actively participate in variouscompany activities has greatly positively influenced my effectiveness as over theyears I have developed a sense of ownership and that explains why personseffectiveness is highly determined by their sense of ownership then otherfactors come in play.

The Country manager creates a platform with an open flow of informationand room for decision making power, which has greatly helped me on my owndecisions and made me accountable for both positive and negative out comes.This contributes an improved transparency and accountability

From my honest opinion, working with Guoji has, is and will always be thebest experience for reasons best explained by how the company has nolimitations for ones growth in position and personal growth.

Guoji has created and designed various avenues for all employees toexplore their dreams and the only stumbling block is on individual basis toeither take advantage of the opportunity the company has provided or throw itaway.

In conclusion, I have personally grown within the company and stillgrowing and am grateful for the opportunity of working with this company.


     與其他部門的工作協調:隨著時間推移,我的工作協調能力得到提升,不單是公司內部各個 部門之間的協調,還包括與公司有業務關聯的合作伙伴之間的協調。







Project in Cote d'Ivoire




Age年齡: 38

Employment Date入職時間:24.06.2020



Hobbies愛好:traveling, music, reading, and movies



Personal Experience and Feelings:


Personalprofile: PhD candidate student in Public / Private Business Administration,Management and also Engineer Marketing communication.

Ihave more than seven years of experience in the Administration and Managementof Public / Private companies and offering great expertise with complex audits,analysis of special needs and drafting of technical reports. I have anentrepreneurial spirit and a team player recognized for my pragmatic approachand my innovative ideas.

Today,I put at the disposal of HENAN GUOJI INDUSTRY, my professional experience, mycourage, my honesty, to achieve with the group the assigned objectives and tooccupy a leadership position in my environment.




Ibelieve I have contributed a lot to obtaining good results since I joined theGUOJI GROUP COTE D'IVOIRE team as a translator and interpreter on Jun 24, 2020.I love helping to resolve and to manage the situations during our business,going through research and communication, and contribute to the company what Ican do.

For example, when the customer were requesting the projects planning weare doing, our team had difficulty deciding and making decisions. Rather thanarguing with the clients because of our lack of construction delay, I managedto talk to all the directors and convince them to give us more time to showthem again our acknowledges in the field of buildings construction to obtainthe client’s understanding and trust.

During going through our business project in building decoration, wealso get good management, with good relationship with the customer. So we haveto deal with communicating with the customer to be confident on us and acceptour products because of they are good quality.

According to me andthe director of Guoji group C?te d’Ivoire, we are now very confident inmanaging business in C?te d’Ivoire and we will get success in allprojects.





These people are just part of our outstanding local employees. At thismoment, they are still working right on the project like all other local staff,fighting for a better future for themselves and for the company.





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